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BLADELIFE Storage Device
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By removing oxygen and moisture from the environment, BLADELIFE reduces the microscopic damage oxidation does to the edge of the blade between shaves. So the razor feels new for longer.

BLADELIFE also serves as a durable travel case to protect your razor when you're on the road.

Our system includes one BLADELIFE Storage Device and one cartridge


It's simple and easy to use:


1. Shake your razor to remove excess water.

2. Insert your razor in the storage device handle.


3. Push the handle down to evacuate air

4. Store your razor until the next time you shave.

Replaceable Cartridge

SorbientTM Technology extracts excess water to help your blade stay dry. For optimal performance, replace your BLADELIFE cartridge approximately every 3 months.

*Razor not included. Fits most male razors.  Do not submerge in water. Keep out of reach of children.