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Great razors should have longer lifespans

Modern razors can deliver extraordinary levels of comfort, but they’re only designed to last for a few shaves. At BLADELIFE, we’re introducing a best-in-class razor longevity system that men who shave regularly will love using.


Meet the BLADELIFE team 

BLADELIFE was co-founded by David Valdez, a former professional baseball player, entrepreneur, and inventor; Kelly Stuart; who served as a global brand leader for Gillette’s Male Grooming and has more than two decades of experience leading new product development for consumer brands; and Peter Gladstone, an entrepreneur and startup advisor who previously held marketing roles at Gillette, The Boston Beer Company, and P&G. Together, the team spent two years designing, testing, and refining a product that will allow men to use each razor for much longer, without sacrificing the quality of their shaving experience.


BLADELIFE: For the perfect shave time, and time, and time again

The BLADELIFE Razor Longevity System keeps blades airtight and moisture-free between shaves—extending blade sharpness while preserving shaving comfort. When independent product testing firm 360 Product Testing conducted a razor durability study of the BLADELIFE Razor Longevity System, the firm found that a razor lasts 107% longer than an identical razor stored conventionally.